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Forever Green Art Preserved Topiaries are carefully sculpted by our artisans in the field and then naturally preserved to capture their color and texture. Our preserved topiary trees look real because they are real junipers, arborvitae, or boxwood trees. Our reliable quality and attention to detail has made us the leading manufacturer and distributor of preserved topiary products to the professional designer community since 1995.

Most other artificial topiaries, or fake topiary trees, fall short of the elegance of preserved trees. Decorative indoor artificial topiary trees do not need to be artificial trees and shrubs. Our preservation process captures the very essence of live topiaries in color, texture, and, in some cases, the scent. We believe you will agree that fake topiary trees can not compare to our preserved topiary trees.

We suggest our preserved spiral topiaries over other manufacturers artificial spiral topiary trees. Forever Green Art is proud to offer the classic spiral preserved topiaries that are so carefully crafted and naturally preserved without harsh chemicals. We currently feature ten different sizes of this classic topiary style.

Businesses and designers have preferred Forever Green Art preserved topiaries over the plastic type indoor artificial topiaries or other faux topiaries. The available sizes and topiary styles provide many options to fill decorating needs in offices, large meeting rooms, foyers and lobbies, casinos, general public areas, and homes. Preserved topiaries add genuine greenery that artificial topiaries can not truly simulate.

We provide all of our Preserved Topiary Trees in a standard paper mache pot. Each or our preserved trees can easily be upgraded to include one of our decorative containers or urns. The measurements provided in the product descriptions are from the base of the paper mache pot to the top of the plant.

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