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Mantle Top Cone Medium

A preserved cone set in a small urn.  This cone is a great accent piece and can be placed anywhere in your home.  A set of two will look great in a...
Mantle Top Cone Medium MTCON-MD $99.00

MantleTop Globe Medium

Preserved juniper globe set in an urn.  161/2"Tall x 81/2"Diameter.  This globe is great in pairs or matched with a Mantel Cone. 
MantleTop Globe Medium MTGLO-MD $99.00

Mantle Top Cone Topiary

This product is our small Mantle Top Preserved Cone Topiary that stands approximately 25" tall and 6" wide. This item is sold in the...
Mantle Top Cone Topiary MTCON-FLU $125.00

Mantle Top Globe Topiary

Our small Mantle Top Preserved Globe Topiary piece sold separately from the set shown. The small decorative urn planter shown is included with the...
Mantle Top Globe Topiary MTGLO-FLU $125.00

Preserved Globe Juniper Sconce

An 9" preserved juniper globe beautifully displayed in a traditional column sconce.  A nice clean fresh look to accent your wall art.   28"...
Preserved Globe Juniper Sconce SCOGLO $169.00

Preserved Juniper Cone Sconce

Approximately 16" preserved juniper cone displayed in a traditional column sconce.  A clean fresh look to add to your collection of wall art.  ...
Preserved Juniper Cone Sconce SCOCON $169.00

Mantle Top Set Medium

Preserved juniper globe and cones set in urns.  The perfect size for a bookcase or mantle.  Globe is 16 1/2"Tall x 8 1/2"Diameter.  Cone is...
Mantle Top Set Medium MTSET-MD $195.00

Mantle Top Topiaries Set

This is our wonderful small two piece Preserved Topiaries mantle Top Set. This two piece topiary set has a preserved juniper cone topiary and a...
Mantle Top Topiaries Set MTSET-FLU $225.00