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11" Mini Single Ball (Set of Three)

11" Preserved Juniper Single Ball Topiaries.  Sold in sets of three.  Fun little mini trees that complement any room. 
11" Mini Single Ball (Set of Three) MiniSBA011 $139.00

Desiray Garden Vases (Set of Three)

Natural elements and shimmering touches create a sleek yet soft appeal.  Fill up our Desiray vase with any preserved greenery:  Boxwood, Liptoe,...
Desiray Garden Vases (Set of Three) DesVas010 $200.00

Garden Pots (Set of 4)

 Show case a beautiful array of preserved greenery in aged terra-cotta pots.  This selection infuses your home with a fresh and organic style.  Mix...
Garden Pots (Set of 4) GarHed09 $200.00

Min:  4

Preserved Arborvitae Garden Pot

Preserved Arborvitae Garden Pot GARArb020 $149.00

Preserved Lepto Garden Pot

Preserved Lepto Garden Pot GarLepto020 $149.00

Preserved Platy Foliage Garden Pot

Preserved Platy Foliage Garden Pot GARPot020 $149.00

Table Top Cone

A small beautiful table top sized preserved cone topiary. Great as a single piece or combined with other table top sized topiaries. This topiary...
Table Top Cone TTCON $79.00

Table Top Globe

Use this small table top sized preserved globe topiary by itself or combined in a group. Decorate tables, counters, or bookshelves with this...
Table Top Globe TTGLO $79.00

Table Top Hedge

Use this small topiary hedge to add lush greenery almost anywhere in your home. The hedge is thick and set in a bronze azar container. The hedge...
Table Top Hedge TTHED $89.00

Tabletop Topiary Set

This three piece set of a small topiary cone, globe, and hedge are in bronze azar containers. The globe is 12" tall and 6" in diameter. The...
Tabletop Topiary Set TTSET $199.00