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Item Name Product Image Model- Price

Large Woodland Fern

Large life like fern & preserved moss in a wooden orb approximately 10in tall & 8in wide.
Large Woodland Fern WF006 $75.00

Small Woodland Fern

Small preserved moss ball with life-like fern, or small wooden orb with life like fern. Approximately 6in tall, 5in wide.
Small Woodland Fern WF005 $49.00

8" Mossy Twig Ball

8" Twig Sphere filled with preserved mood moss.
8" Mossy Twig Ball TwigBA08 $69.00

Moss Barn Wood Trough

Live edge, rough cut, reclaimed antique barn wood trough with preserved moss. No maintence required. 24"L x 6" x 5"T
Moss Barn Wood Trough MOT00 $178.00

Preserved Moss Ball Tree

A prestigious Preserved Moss Ball Tree made with preserved mood moss and lightly sand blasted redwood all placed in a decorative dark bronze tin...
Preserved Moss Ball Tree MOSSTREER $499.00

Moss Ball Tree - Moss Decor

A decorative Moss Ball Tree made with preserved moss and natural grape wood in a nice decorative bronze tin planter. The topiary moss is carefully...
Moss Ball Tree - Moss Decor MOSSTREEG $499.00

26" Triple Moss Topiary

Preserved moss and grapewood make an eye-catching topiary that is perfect for your mantle.  Stands approximately 26" Tall.  Bottom Ball is...
26" Triple Moss Topiary MossTBA026 $185.00

16" Preserved Moss Square

Forever Green Art creates itmes that are uniquely different.  The preserved mood moss is molded into a bumpy and funky 16" Square box.  Make an...
16" Preserved Moss Square MossSq016 $175.00

13" Single Ball Moss Topiary

Approximately 13" tall and 5'" in diameter ball. 
13" Single Ball Moss Topiary MossSBA013 $99.00

Moss Ball Set

Order a three piece Preserved Moss Ball Set with a 5", 6", and 7" mood moss balls. Moss decorative balls provide a natural soft green...
Moss Ball Set MOSSET $99.00

19" Double Moss Topiary

Approximately 19" Tall. Top ball approximately 5" in diameter, and bottom approximately 6". 
19" Double Moss Topiary MossDBA019 $129.00

Moss Ball Set With Italian Clay Bowl

Suggested Retail Price Log in here for Wholesale Pricing A beautiful set of three Arkansas Preserved Mood Moss Balls. Featuring decorative green...
Moss Ball Set With Italian Clay Bowl MOSSBS $169.00

Moss Ball Hedge

Inspired by zen gardens, we invite you to embrace this unique design of preserved moss balls and grapewood. Approximately, 35"Long, 28 to...
Moss Ball Hedge MossBaHedge $599.00

12" Preserved Moss Ball

Mood moss grows in compact clumps with feathery plumes.  Forever Green Art preserves the thick, lush moss with glycerin to capture mother...
12" Preserved Moss Ball MossBa012 $75.00

10" Preserved Moss Ball

Mood moss grows in compact clumps with feathery plumes.  Forever Green Art preserves the thick, lush moss with glycerin to capture mother...
10" Preserved Moss Ball MossBa010 $39.00

Moss Ball Creations: Featuring moss balls, decorative moss, mood moss, and topiary moss

Presenting our unique Preserved Mood Moss Collection. Using Arkansas Mood Moss, our designers have used moss balls and decorative moss to form, shape, and style these exquisite floral moss displays.

What is the preserved mood moss theme?

Moss decor is the theme in each preserved moss arrangement. Design dazzling moss decor from the simple preserved moss balls sold in sets of three, to the Moss Ball Bonsai and the Decorative Moss Topiary Hedge. We hope you will find these unique decorative moss ball and artificial moss balls used in a design that you will appreciate in your home or business decorating.

Faux moss balls and artificial topiary balls just do not provide the effective design qualities of real preserved mood moss. Green moss balls are carefully hand crafted to form and stimulate the soft textures into shapes and forms fitting for prominent display. Using the decorative green moss balls has dynamic results in the moss topiary items like the Moss Ball Tree and the Preserved Moss Ball Tree;they are truly eye catching products.

Designing with preserved moss

Moss covered decorative balls are meticulously created in our facility. Each producing wonderful decorative green moss balls that are used  with grape wood, red wood, or combined to create the actual decorative moss product. Our professional design clients rave about the quality and consistency we have provided to them with our artificial ball topiary floral products. The moss topiaries and preserved moss balls become wedding centerpieces, dinning room centerpieces, and luxury suite decor items.

Our preserved mood moss products are not mass produced artificial moss topiary  and artificial topiary ball imported items. Forever Green Art preserves and hand crafts each moss product from real live moss individually as artisans. All of our moss creations can be combined with any of our other professiona floral products. The greenery provided in the moss balls enhances the brighter colors found in our preserved floral arrangements while adding depth and height.

Customize your moss ball design

As always, we can customize any product with planters, urns, dimensions, and your personal ideas. Our designers are here during regular business hours to personally accept your calls at (800) 949-6001.