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American Beauty

The American Beauty is one of our most popular designs.  Adorn with 18 preserved roses, preserved lavender and hydrangea, banksia and clover....
American Beauty AB000 $499.00

Autumn Flare

A Modern look for fall! Enjoy the beauty of the fall with this lovely preserved arrangment.  Showcasing vibrant golden/orange roses and a chocolate...
Autumn Flare MOD200 $169.00

Cottage Blues

Preserved Blue Hydrangea mixed with a blend of yellow preserved florals and baby pods.  The beautiful blend of soft colors add natural beauty to any...
Cottage Blues COT203-BLU $225.00

Cottage Chic

This stylish and savvy floral piece is being featured at High Point.  It showcases beautifully preserved roses, brunia hydrangea and a variety of...
Cottage Chic CC0202 $225.00

Farmer's Box

A farmer's box like no other.  Preserved cabbage like florals mixed in with hydrangea, artichokes, banksia and seed pods.  A stunning...
Farmer's Box FarmBox $550.00

Floral Showcase

Lush florals in a lovely garden planter.  A whimsical appeal full of regal jewel-toned colors.  Preserved hydrangea, roses, pomegranate, yarrow and...
Floral Showcase CC0444 $399.00

Pod Medley

A medley of trumpet, badam, poppy and lotus pods mixed in with moss and brunia make a unique design.  11"H x 10"W x 10"L
Pod Medley DAL300 $99.00

Shaker Box

Shaker Box is arranged with preserved protea, pods, banksia, grasses, and other florals.
Shaker Box FLR322 $425.00

Spring Shaker Box

Awaken the indoors with preserved florals.  Layerd preserved lavendar, banksai, hydrangea, yarrow and wheat create this stunning...
Spring Shaker Box FLR322 Spring $535.00

Sunny Delight

Brighten your home with this fresh and vibrant floral design.  Preserved Lemon hydrangea, with accents of red clover, green artichokes, lemons,...
Sunny Delight FLR272 $575.00

Vibrant Summer Garden

This long and low centerpiece is full of vibrant colors of preserved Hydrangea and Roses.  The perfect summer blend of colors and florals create a...
Vibrant Summer Garden SPR099 $799.00

Winter Rose

Winter Rose Arrangement This custom piece is a blend of a dozen 4" red roses, lepto, dusty miller, brunia and lemon leaves.  14"x14"x...
Winter Rose FLR269 $439.00