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Feather balls and Antlers

Antique foot bath filled with preserved natural hydrangea, seeded eucalyptus, promosa, trumpet pods, feather balls and antlers.  Approximately...
Feather balls and Antlers Flr227 $499.00

La Nora

La Nora wooden tray is filled with preserved hydrangea, roses, pods, and mixed greenery. 31"L x 17"H x 15"W
La Nora FLR325 $699.00

Pheasant Antler Bucket

The Pheasant Antler Bucket is filled with antlers, pods, pheasant feathers, caspia, banksia, sala, and other preserved florals. 24" x 24" x...
Pheasant Antler Bucket WEST526 $459.00

Protea Ermosa

A vintage black wooden box gives a nice contrast to the vibrant color of the yellow protea.  A beautiful blend of mushrooms, birch, pods, pheasant...
Protea Ermosa west330 $145.00

The Adelia

The rich earthy colors of the earth, green and browns, are blended beatifully into a antique wooden rice bucket.  This stunning floral arrangment is...
The Adelia WEST423 $550.00

The Brissa

An earthy display of preserved florals.  Plumosum, banksia, pods, feathers and  yarrow are mixed together with a display of real deer antlers.  An...
The Brissa WEST225 $415.00

The Gathering

The Gathering wood is filled with a beautiful mix of preserved florals and greenery
The Gathering FLR323 $559.00

The Gathering in Cork Wood

A unique blend of woodsy components:  Plumosa, mushrooms, pods, pomegranate, feathers and preserved hydrangea and greenery.  Showcased...
The Gathering in Cork Wood Gath005 $235.00

The Sonoma

A high-end natural, earthy blend of preserved and life-like succulents, banksia, mushrooms, liptoe, seeded euc, natraj and brunia.   Beautifuly...
The Sonoma WEST175 $575.00

Vintage Floral in Dough Bowl

Preserved hydrangea and roses in a dough bowl Approx: 22"Lx10xHx8"W
Vintage Floral in Dough Bowl VF00 $598.00