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Protea Rice Bucket

Experience the powerful beauty in this protea floral design. The rich natural contrasts of reds and yellows in the preserved protea are just...
Protea Rice Bucket PRORICE $475.00

Bursting Reds

Bursting Reds will ensure a lively decorative accent to your decor. The rich reds are a combination of preserved red hydrangea, preserved roses, and...
Bursting Reds FLR252 $499.00

Spring Garden in Rice Bucket

Approx: 19"Hx18"W
Spring Garden in Rice Bucket SG00 $598.00

Antique Floral Arrangement

Preserved hydrangea and lemon leaves combined with a variety dried floral and wood components beautifully arranged in an antique wooden container....
Antique Floral Arrangement FLR223 $599.00

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Golden Florals

Enjoy golden layered beauty presented in our rustic wood bucket. Discover the living feel of flowers in our Golden Floral design. We have included...
Golden Florals FLR254 $599.00

Golden Pears And Preserved Hydrangea Arrangement

Bright golden pears layered with preserved hydrangea, pods, banksia, phylica and, millet. Beautifully displayed in a wooden rustic bucket....
Golden Pears And Preserved Hydrangea Arrangement FLR416 $599.00