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Feather Wall Sconce Arrangement

A very light and airy wall sconce arrangement full of gorgeous mixed feathers. The wall sconce is a resin composite material with a burl textured...
Feather Wall Sconce Arrangement SCO300 $375.00

Yellow Peonie Wall Sconce

A narrow playful wall sconce with yellow preserved and artificial components. This arrangement includes yellow peonies, burnt orange florals,...
Yellow Peonie Wall Sconce SCO302 $275.00

Peacock Feather Wall Sconce

A featured wall sconce full of naturally stunning and colorful peacock feathers. The beautiful colors in the peacock feathers add movement and depth...
Peacock Feather Wall Sconce SCO303 $375.00

Wall Sconce - Burnt Orange Grasses

A rich colorful floral arrangement featuring preserved burnt orange grasses, plume reed, feathers, artificial greenery, and accent life-like flowers....
Wall Sconce - Burnt Orange Grasses SCO304 $375.00

Wall Sconce - Green Grasses

This wall sconce floral design features preserved and artificial greenery of green florals, plume reed, millet, and long light feathers. Add this...
Wall Sconce - Green Grasses SCO305 $375.00

Wall Sconce - Gold

An absolutely wonderful resin wall sconce with a burl finish filled with luxurious colors to light any room. Featuring creamy gold-beige roses, gold...
Wall Sconce - Gold SCO306 $375.00