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Concho Pods in Ash Pot

Natural Concho Pods displayed in an ash pot
Concho Pods in Ash Pot Concho001 $198.00

Mossed Antique Tray

An antique wooden tray approximately 32" Long filled with preserved mood moss.  Each tray is unique and sizes may vary.  Sandblasted ghost wood...
Mossed Antique Tray MossAntTray032 $575.00

Mossy Branches with Antlers

Mossy Branches and real antlers anchored to a long and low wood container.  Preserved mood moss and preserved lichen fills the container. ...
Mossy Branches with Antlers MossBran/Antlers $375.00

Natural Manzanita Tree

4ft Natural Manzanita Tree
Natural Manzanita Tree NatMT048 $79.00

4" Wood Orb

displayed on left hand side of picture
4" Wood Orb orb04 $24.00

6" Wood Orb

displayed on right hand side of picture  
6" Wood Orb orb06 $36.00

Sandblasted Manzanita Tree

Sandblasted Manzanita Tree SanMT048 $150.00

55"-60" Mounted Giant Sea Pod on Arkansas Barn wood

55"-60" Mounted Giant Sea Pod on Arkansas Barn wood SeaP060 $399.00

8" Mossy Twig Ball

8" Twig Sphere filled with preserved mood moss.
8" Mossy Twig Ball TwigBA08 $69.00