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Our Hardest Job...

“Wow, that’s awesome!” she said, raising her eyebrows. “But is it real?” 

I had to smile…

My wife, Karen and I were at a trade show in south Louisiana. The hardest part of our job at these cash-and-carry shows isn’t showcasing our products – the natural beauty of the plants speaks on its own.

 The hardest part is helping people understand how these amazing plants can look stunning and vibrant for over a decade, all with zero watering, zero soil, zero sunlight, and zero maintenance outside of dusting…

…All while being 100% real and authentic.

Now, we do offer more than just preserved plants. We have artificial plants, rustic ladders, boxes, custom items, and more decorative knick-knacks than we can keep track of. But our main gig is definitely the 100% real preserved plants, and it’s no wonder why... (Continued after testimonials)

What People are Saying About Our 100% Real Plants and Trees:

“Love, Love, Love my beautiful bonsai tree!  The quality workmanship and friendly service makes this a no brainier!  Don't hesitate to buy from these people!”

- Brownyn B, Parker, CO

“Beautiful designs, high quality products, and excellent customer service! So many custom design options. I can't say enough wonderful things about Forever Green.”

- Michelle H, Jane, MO

“I love it all and almost bought it all! Thank you for my beautiful Forever Green Art!”

- Jill P, Houston, TX

…If you’ve ever tried your hand at growing or even taking care of live plants for your home or office, you know the hassles! Even if you happen to have a green thumb, there’s watering, sunning, picking up leaves, repotting, and more – and that’s only for as long as the plant decides to live.

But what if you could have all of the benefits of a live plant – with none of the hassles?

If you’re in love with the age-old beauty, splendor, and welcoming appeal of a bonsai, boxwood, or eucalyptus…

…If your heart smiles when you see a tasteful floral centerpiece, a simple but elegant growth of moss in a natural-wood box, or a proud palm potted in the entryway…

…Then you know exactly why these gorgeous preserved plants and trees can sell out like hotcakes.

Why do we run out? Well, we can’t just press a button on a machine to make these works of art: real plants take some TLC!

The story behind our current batch of homegrown beauties started not months, but years ago as a group of high-quality seeds in the ground.

We tenderly nurture our seedlings from day one because our final product has to be perfect. As our plants begin to sprout and take shape, our skilled artisans go into the fields and gently trim each one to help it grow into a healthy plant that radiates beauty from a tasteful design.

After countless days of careful attention, our plants are placed in a Kosher, FDA-approved, glycerin solution that is absorbed up through the roots and all the way to the tips of each leaf, preserving its natural vibrancy for years to come!

Finally, our artisans give each plant one more trimming to ensure that the form and presentation of the plant is flawless. The result is a real, absolutely beautiful plant that is truly, “forever green.”

We grow and preserve our custom plants and trees down in Cave Springs, Arkansas, but just because you’re not in our neck of the woods doesn’t mean you can’t have one of our creations carefully delivered to your doorstep!

Please look around our website and our Facebook page to see what you like, but then be sure to snatch it up before it sells out!! You never know how long we’ll have something available....

Order your Forever Green Art by simply perusing the website, adding any desired pieces to your cart, and following the checkout process.

Also look at our Facebook page, and send inquiries for any desired pieces to or call 800-949-6001. Karen or I will pick up the phone if we can, but if we’re not around one of our kind team members will gladly assist you.

I know you’ll enjoy the beauty of your new, real plants or trees as well as the compliments that they always seem to earn. We’ll talk to you soon!

Sincerely,Adam and Karen, owners of Forever Green Art - high-quality decorative plants and trees

- Adam da’Costa