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Medium Artisian Planter

14"H x 14"W 
Medium Artisian Planter FR-0173A-S $135.00

27" Zen Boat

This Zen Boat Container is made of Resin.  Beautiful sleek lines to create a look of continuity and depth.  Forever Green Art can fill this container...
27" Zen Boat 2530018GP $129.00

38" Zen Boat

This container is perceived to have infinite depth and significance, charged with magic and mystery.  Fill this container with beautiful bumpy...
38" Zen Boat 2530016GP $199.00

Small Mata Bowl

A free forming bowl that is both eye catching and stylish.  The rusty red color blends beautifully with warm hues in a room.  One of our best selling...
Small Mata Bowl 2530004RD $179.00

Large Mata Bowl

Naturally forming describes this bowl.  The Rusty Red color makes it a stunning centerpiece for any table. Asian decorating is for those who really...
Large Mata Bowl 2530003RD $249.00