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25" Square Contemporary Planter

Fiber Glass Square Contemporary Planter in black stands 25" high with a 11" diameter.
25" Square Contemporary Planter 2578010BK $119.00

29" Tan Terra Planter

Tan Terra Planter made of fiber glass can be used Indoor or Outdoor and stands 29" high with a 10.5" diameter
29" Tan Terra Planter 2578012TK $149.00

Large Azar Container

Smooth Bronze Metal Container.  A Contemporary Design that complements any tree or globe.  20"T x 20"W x 20"D Available in Bronze,...
Large Azar Container AzarLG $149.00

Extra Large Classic Urn

Extra Large Classic Urn 2545018AB $175.00

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Gardino Urn Fiberstone Urn

The Gardino Urn is hand crafted mixed concrete and stone with a fiberglass interior lining for added strength and lighter than stone weight. This...
Gardino Urn Fiberstone Urn FS7870 $175.00

Liberick Pedestal

A Fiber Stone Pedestal.  Beautifully crafted and made in America.  Light Weight and extremely durable for use outdoors.  12"x12"x23"H.
Liberick Pedestal FS35002 $175.00

34" Tan Terra Planter

Tan Terra Planter made of fiber glass can be used Indoor or Outdoor and stands 34" high with a 12.5" diameter
34" Tan Terra Planter 2578013TK $199.00

Fluted Urn

This stone cast resin urn uses natural stone mixed with professional grade resin materials to form a long lasting durable urn planter that require...
Fluted Urn 296110 $225.00

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Oranate Round Pot

Fiberstone is made from a combination of limestone and fiberglass which creates a material that looks like stone, but weighs a fraction of the...
Oranate Round Pot FS094 $225.00

Tuscany Urn

This Tuscany Urn comes in Matte Black accented with a Rust color.  Stands 20" Tall by 16" Wide x 10 1/2" Deep.  A stylish urn with...
Tuscany Urn 2545027BK $225.00

36" Nero Urn

Nero Urn in Black stands 36" high with a 20" diameter.
36" Nero Urn 2545020BK $249.00

Egyptian Urn

Combine your new plants with this stone cast resin Egyptian Urn to produce a beautiful presentation. We have used natural stones mixed with superior...
Egyptian Urn 299182 $249.00

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37" Tall Diamond Planter

  Approximately 37" T x 18" W
37" Tall Diamond Planter $250.00

Ornate Urn

Add a natural looking stone cast resin Ornate Urn for a real upscale appearance. We use natural stone mixed with resin materials that allows our...
Ornate Urn 298664 $250.00

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24" Cylan Vase

Stone cast resign vase. also available in white and silver.
24" Cylan Vase 2575032BK $275.00