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Preserved Traditional Bonsai

The perfect size to accent any table or book shelf.  Preserved bonsai tree standing approximately 10 to 12" Tall by 9"Wide. 
Preserved Traditional Bonsai BON008 $79.00

The art of Bonsai is a tradition dating back to the Han Dynasty of China - a tradition that is still alive today at Forever Green Art.

Our Preserved Bonsai and Artificial Bonsai are carefully sculpted from Grapewood and Juniper (Procumbus Nana). Each bonsai are hand made creating individual unique works of art that compliments any setting.

The featured preserved bonsai plants are available in a wide range of sizes. Sizes range from the 8 inch Single Monterey Bonsai to the 6 foot Kage Bonsai. Custom bonsai and sizes are also available.